UI config (switch to Dark)
set Off to remove banner
set Off to remove plan section
set Off to remove testimonial section
set font
body background color
text color
title color
navigation text color
navigation background color
text color
panel background color
button color
button background color
main picture url
logo url
Docker config
Docker name as dockerhub image full name
docker Volume
docker port
docker allowed memory
docker default memory upgrade step
docker selling price tax incl.
docker default selling price upgrade step tax incl.
instance per user
Payment config
Payment provider public key
Payment provider secret key
Mail config
Email sender.
Email provider apikey
Set creation template ID
Set deletion template ID
Set application name in mail template
Set application name in mail link
Auth config
auth api key
Auth domain server
Auth client Id
Auth audience
Dns config
dns email account
Dns domain
Auth client Id
Dns Zone name
Audit config
Audit log ip
Audit log port
Google analytics ID
tawkto support ID
change Mode
Set to Yes to enable maintenance page
Set company name
Set application category
Short description for catalog
Set company website
Update version to make it available
Version date